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Communica is our Enhanced Client Relationship Management platform used by investment managers, hedge funds, fund of funds, wealth managers and private equity organizations and service providers to the industry organizations to manage their key investor relations, sales & marketing, compliance and business operations functions.


What is Enhanced CRM?

"Enhance; to intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value or extent of something."

Communica OverviewGeneric CRM systems are simple repositories for contact, company and opportunity data and offer generic reports out of the box. Some systems enable users to define their own fields on the contact or company forms but the basic data which can be captured within a generic CRM system and the functionality available, is pretty much the same regardless of the industry you work in or the specific needs of your business. Unless of course you are prepared to bare the cost and time required to undertake significant customisation of a generic CRM system...


Enhanced CRM provides ready-to-use industry-specific functionality together with data-enriched views and reports covering client, investor and prospect behaviours and activities which are particular to the effective management of businesses within a specific industry sector.

Communica has been designed with substantial input from some of the world's most successful investment managers and service providers to address the ever-increasing and highly specific challenges of our industry sector. Which is why we are world leaders in Enhanced CRM to the sector.

Communica supports the full range of activities required by investment managers and their service providers to effectively run the non-trading aspects of their businesses including the full integration of fund administrator data to provide a 360 degree view of investor activity at the fund and share class levels, fund liquidity and related fee and rebates reporting.

Communica also provides a fully integrated and highly secure client extranet environment in which to publish to qualified prospects and investors, related fund documentation, NAV performance graphs and even a full transactions history by investor if desired.

Communica has role-based functionality tailored to meet the needs of other business users as well,  including c-level executives, marketing, investor relations, business development and compliance teams.

Finally, Communica Mobile is available on iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Mobile devices and puts the full power of the Communica platform at your fingertips with the most functionally rich mobile application in the industry.

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In implementing dCRM we were aiming for a replacement system that went beyond being an address book and provided an up-to-date view of holdings for each investor, at the touch of a button.

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