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Investor Relationship Management Platform

Members of the Investor Relations and Client Management Teams are typically key users of Communica and they rely upon Communica to support them in delivering world class client servicing to their investors. Communica is frequently chosen by managers who wish to differentiate themselves on  the quality of the investor servicing they provide and where there is a strong ethos of client service.

Investor Relations teams use Communica for: 

Investor servicing

Communica allows the IR Team to send personalized, professional and automated HTML communications to their investors. Communications can be sent via email or uploaded onto the secure investor extranet. The content of the communications sent to investors is significantly enhanced by Communica Fund Flows which allows the IR Team to automate the production of monthly performance reports, NAV statements and other financial information. Enhanced features, such as document watermarking, can assist in discouraging the indiscriminate forwarding on of confidential documentation by investors.

360 degree view of investors

The IR team typically uses Communica to gain and maintain a very clear view of its investors.  As standard, the IR team can view all its investors and their relationships with other parties within the system, all investor activity including meetings, phone-calls emails and extranet visits and have access to comprehensive reporting.  The addition of the the Communica Fund Flows module allows the IR team to view their investors' current holdings and transaction data. The IR Team can thus segment its investor base effectively allowing comprehensive profiling of investor type.

Tracking investor activity

Tracking the entire communication lifecycle including calls, emails (including email and attachment opens), extranet/website activity and meetings that take place between a firm and its clients and investors, enables the investor relations teams to be significantly more productive and to provide a better, more informed service to clients or investors. Accurate and comprehensive records of client communications also guard against knowledge loss in the event that a member of the IR team leaves.

IR professionals make extensive use of the following module options:

  • Communica dCRM for accessing and recording all investor information.
  • Communica Fund Flows in order to access all investment related information such as monthly NAV statements and performance figures.
  • Communica Connect to keep investors up to date with all fund information via this self-service extranet.

Communica Connect

Communica Connect for a secure investor extranet integrated with your CRM system.

Communica Connect