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The marketing function uses Communica extensively for investor recruitment and fund-raising activity.

Investor recruitment and fund raising

The campaign functionality of Communica allows the marketing department to design HTML templates, launch and manage responses to campaign to both potential and existing investors. Marketers can use the sophisticated Advanced Find query-builder tool to segment investors to select suitable recipients for a campaign. Marketing lists can be created and easily managed. Email campaigns can be run directly from Communica with template functionality allowing for a professional look and feel. The addition of the Communica Fund Flows module allows Marketing to measure the effectiveness of a campaign by linking it to subsequent fund inflows.

360 degree view of investors

The marketing department can access all activity between its organization and investors and potential investors and it can see all communications and campaigns sent historically to an investor. The addition of the Communica Fund Flows module allows the marketing department to analyze investor transaction history and underlying holdings in addition to contact information. Where an organization also uses Communica Connect, the marketing department can also see which investors have visited the extranet or website and which pages they have visited and documents they have downloaded.

Investor Opportunity pipeline reports

The marketing department can view a pipeline report detailing all potential future investments into fund(s), by investor name, type and geography, ranked by % probability and $ value of the investment, weighted and unweighted.


Workflow can be used to support more consistent and higher quality communications with third parties and can automate many of the required tasks. An example workflow might be one which ensures that no potential investor receives more than one campaign in a given period or that top ten investors do receive a personal call each month.

 Marketing makes extensive use of the following module options:

  • Communica dCRM to create and run campaigns to raise capital or to launch a new fund.
  • Communica Fund Flows in order to be able to slice and dice investor data to get a comprehensive view of investors and their activity.
  • Communica Connect to view investor activity; including how frequently they visit the site and what documents they have downloaded.

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