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Sales teams use Communica for its contact management functionality, to manage sales opportunities to provide a single, comprehensive view of their clients.

Contact management

Relationship managers want to be able to access their clients' contact details quickly and easily wherever they are. If they receive a phone call from a client they need to be able to easily look up that contact via Microsoft Outlook and see immediately who they are speaking with and what activity has occurred between their organization and the customer. Relationship managers make extensive use of Communica Mobile as they need to view contact on the road or while in meetings and update records with meeting notes, or view dashboards or reports whilst on the go.

Opportunity management

The sales team often depends heavily upon the opportunity management functionality within Communica dCRM which allows them to define opportunities for new investments from new and existing investors. It allows them to define a sales process against the opportunity so that they can manage the time they spend on the opportunities they are working on.

360 degree client view

Relationship managers can view all activity with an investor across their firm in one place. The addition of the Fund Flows module also allows the relationship managers to view the value of each investor's current holdings and all related underlying transactions.

Sales makes extensive use of the following product options:

  • Communica dCRM - for contact & relationship management, investor opportunity management, campaign management, reporting and workflows.
  • Communica Connect - for the provision of a fully integrated investor website and extranet.
  • Communica Mobile - for using Communica dCRM on a mobile device.

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