A Single View of The Truth

September 17, 2019 by Lape Runsewe

A Single View of The Truth - Rob Swan

With or without Brexit, the sectors we target for Agility projects are all under the same pressure to cut costs whilst expanding growth. Everyone wants to do more for less. Should we crash out of Europe with a no-deal Brexit, then it could be argued that this position within the UK may take a harder effect.

So, how can Digiterre help our clients with a single view of the truth? Well, the simple answer is that most clients I talk to admit to simply buying data solutions without actually solving the business problems they face. By doing so, they build up an ever-increasing collection of legacy systems that still do not offer them the ability to make the right decisions, be it internally or externally for the benefit of their business.

With our multiple entry points this allows us to be able to speak to many parts of a single company and explore where their current data pain points sit, whether it be back, middle or front office, Digiterre are well placed to be able to add the value a client needs.

Digiterre has a solid positioning, and a lot of client interest, around an end-to-end single view of the truth that allows our clients access to the right data and insights. This, in turn, allows them to be able to make the right business decisions to ensure they are able to tighten their belts in the right areas whilst continuing along their path to growth.


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