Digiterre Sponsors 9th Energy Trading Regulation Compliance Summit

March 12, 2019 by Lape Runsewe

Digiterre Sponsors 9th Energy Trading Regulation Compliance Summit

This year, Digiterre will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the 9th Energy Trading Regulation and Compliance Summit from the 12th – 14th March.


Our Journey to MiFID II Regulatory Reporting Implementation

On day 2, CEO and Founder, Ian Murrin will be discussing alongside Geoff Galbraith, COO Man Group on:

  • Man Group’s Objectives
  • The “Man Order Listening Engine” solution: A central data streaming system
  • Timeframe and scalability
  • Looking beyond the regulatory requirements

Solving tomorrow’s regulatory requirements using today’s data

We’ll also be hosting a workshop on the 14th with discussions on:

  • Multiple data sources, questionable data quality
  • Data integration, ingestion, validation and enrichment: How and where from
  • Real-time enabled data streams to meet current and future regulatory demands
  • AI and Machine learning: What it is, what it isn’t and the need for lots of high-quality data
  • Algorithm trading best practices to fighting ‘spoofing’ conduct and ensure compliance across the board
  • A view on Blockchain: What problems does it solve better than existing technology?



There will be giveaways at our stand so be sure to visit our stand and speak with any one of us on how you can qualify for the grand prize.


For more information on the event, visit



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