Webinar: How your data strategy can reduce costs and increase competitiveness in Trading

By Lape Runsewe


Digiterre is delighted to invite you to our upcoming webinar on how an effective data strategy can drive competitiveness and reduce costs in trading.

Date: 4th June 2020
Time: 2:30pm – 3:30pm

At this time more than ever, businesses are operating within a challenging environment. Despite what is happening and whatever the restrictions, the expectation is still that costs are managed, growth opportunities are identified and competitive threats addressed.

At this webinar the Digiterre Team will cover:

  • The key factors in moving forward an effective data strategy through our DataMax platform
  • The ease at which you can deal with both structured and unstructured data
  • The difficulties with ‘off-the-shelf’ products solving issues involving complex data sets and multiple data sources
  • How data engineering technology can be most effectively used to achieve your goals and improve organisational decision making
  • Case studies where these problems have been solved.

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