Success Story


Acuris, a leading provider of specialist news, research, analysis and market intelligence for finance professionals partners with Digiterre to launch Primary Issuance Data, the new leading-edge service for the Debtwire platform.

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The challenge

Acuris had identified a significant market opportunity for a new market intelligence offering under the Debtwire brand. However, the business required technical design and software engineering capabilities to deliver a fully functional launch product to the high quality standards and tight timelines required.

The main goals of the launch programme for the joint Acuris & Digiterre team were to:

  • Develop and deliver a new service for Acuris’s Debtwire product, entirely focused on providing market intelligence for Primary Issuance, the first issuance of stock from private companies.
  • Offer the market and investors a detailed overview, comparison and analysis of all companies involved in the Primary Issuance process.
  •  Capture, compile and analyse data deriving from a wide variety of sources including financial institutions, banks and original sources into an effective and efficient database.
  • Go far beyond a pure data solution, combining captured data, packaged deals and quality editorial together with the functionality.

Key Facts:

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The solution

Key features of the overall approach included:

  • Adopting an agile development approach at the heart of the project, using iterative development processes with multiple milestones and continuous delivery.
  • The joint team adopting a “test first” approach with full automation from test through to deployment into production.
  • Pair programming was used for key elements of the platform to further boost the quality of the team’s output.
  • Ensuring that Data collection and quality were central to the project from the outset Elastic Search was used to slice and dice the data effectively, while the front end was build using ReactJS, to create a rich user experience.
  • Interpreting and fully realising the global service vision by the team holistically as well as by specific operating region – Asia, with a planned launch for Europe and the US.


In the words of our client

‘Digiterre were instrumental in delivering our new Debtwire Primary Issuance platform, which is highly supportable, testable, extendable and stable. They delivered well ahead of expectations and to an extremely high quality standard, building a platform that’s highly flexible and supportive of our tens of thousands of global subscribers’ needs going forward.’

Ross Heritage, CTO