Success Story


Digiterre worked in close partnership with BITA Risk, part of corfinancial, a leading provider of specialist software and services to the financial services sector, to build the ESG functionality for BITA Risk’s BITA Wealth platform. BITA Wealth developed by BITA Risk, is a platform for private wealth managers, and investment advisors to assess suitability and in that context construct, analyse, monitor and report on client portfolios. As an on-premise risk monitoring and portfolio analysis software product, BITA Wealth serves multiple clients and installation locations and is comprised of distributed components. Each client has flexibility in terms of installation topology and configuration of features applied.

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The challenge

BITA Risk wanted to incorporate a suite of ESG functionality within the BITA Wealth solution so that investment professionals could both capture client preferences and analyse portfolio exposures by ESG and impact investment factors – identifying conflicts and ESG Risks through  portfolio modelling and reporting.

Digiterre was engaged to develop the BITA Risk designed ESG functionality within the BITA Wealth product and to further improve performance of the application so it could scale and support larger clients.

The solution

Working closely with corfinancial and BITA Risk, Digiterre brought together and implemented capabilities across architecture, user-interface development, server-side development, and quality assurance, including automation test packs to ensure quality.

The core build involved quality assurance, including automated test frameworks and performance tests, and development, including UI elements D3 components, and ESG data integration, scaling and reporting.  These activities helped create a common language across the data and ensured data could be made truly amenable to users, for example with easy-to-use workflows and striking and visually appealing infographics.

In the words of our client

“ESG data screening and management is a key barrier to the widespread adoption of sustainable investing. The combination of our wealth management expertise and Digiterre’s renown in the area of data engineering is resulting in a compelling proposition. Digiterre’s cutting-edge capabilities helped place our product ahead of changing market demand and greatly accelerated its development. Working with Digiterre opened up new opportunities and helped fast forward our technology and data management, product proposition and business development. They achieved something remarkable given the compressed timeframe we gave them, and made a hugely positive impression on the members of the BITA Risk and corfinancial teams.”

Bruce Hobson - CEO, corfinancial