Success Story

Merian Global Investors

Merian Global Investors (formerly Old Mutual Global Investors), a leading international investment management business, partners with domain experts Digiterre to step-change the quality of their front-end and full-stack technologies in their fund operations function, to support large-scale business transformation.

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The challenge

Ahead of the planned corporate restructure, Merian Global Investors (MGI) selected Digiterre to work with their technology team to co-develop the capabilities necessary to transform their core Reference Data Management and Fund Rebates Tracking systems – the foundation of MGI’s fund trading services. The objective of the technology programme was to provide a more robust data set for the business to conduct its commercial operations and to ensure full confidence in the accuracy and reliability of its business data, as a precursor to the planned restructuring of the Group. Through close collaborative working with Digiterre, the MGI technology team has achieved the desired transformation of their reference data and data management systems, the development of a re-usable rich HTML 5 web user interface and effective upskilling of their own technical team.

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The solution

Development and Delivery of a Strategic and Real-Time Data analytics and Regulatory Reporting Platform
A strongly collaborative approach between Digiterre and the MGI technical teams, aimed at maximising both business domain and technical understanding across all stakeholders with interdepartmental working to support independent data validation. Digiterre’s pragmatic “Agile” style of development coupled with a high level of automated test coverage which further supported high levels of joint team collaboration, improved levels of project visibility, control and risk mitigation.
Designing a totally new reference data system managed via a high quality user interface, transforming an existing, largely excel-based data management process.
Creating a high quality and re-useable functionally rich HTML 5 user interface framework with a clear, simple and intuitive set of user controls and workflows.

Tech Used

In the words of our client

Our reference data is the bedrock of our platform as an asset manager. Digiterre‘s ”Agile" methodology, excellent people and know-how, coupled with its willingness to share its knowledge and techniques to upskill our team, ensure we can look to our future growth plans with huge confidence. Furthermore, their UX design is fantastic – we wouldn’t have achieved anything close to this without Digiterre. The job done has been very successful for MGI and Digiterre has really helped us to up our game

Simon Stratford, Chief Technology Officer