Success Story


RWE, Europe’s largest energy trading organisation worked with Digiterre to centralise master data across the UK business into a single storage solution, via a sophisticated event-driven message bus infrastructure.

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The challenge

The main goals for the programme were to reduce the risks involved in decommissioning ADC and Tibco systems. To achieve this they needed to simplify the business architecture to promote better understanding (e.g. trades, settlement orders, data flow, and life cycle), reduce the cost of creating change across the organisation and of ongoing data maintenance, and then use this new approach along-side the multi-million pound migration of the main energy trading and booking platform.

Key facts:

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The solution

The fundamental principles of the architecture included:
• The sending and receiving of business data messages.
• Re-use of the technology to initiate or receive integration messages, the minimisation of vendor-specific code.
• Loosely coupled system components that reduced interdependence between systems.
• Strict versioning and governance over the common format to enable the chosen architecture to work effectively.


In the words of our client

“Nexus has been a great success for RWEST and it is the accepted strategic data integration solution.” “Working in partnership with Digiterre over the duration of this programme of work has been very rewarding because they really worked to understand the detailed need of the business and then delivered well and fast – while transferring knowledge to our in-house teams along the way.”

David Campbell-Montgomery Head of IT and Pam Holley, Project Manager