The global energy and commodities markets are increasingly dynamic, with operations around the clock, prices that move by the millisecond and a wave of new regulations in recent years.

To compete in this complex, fast moving business, it’s crucial to occasionally step back and reflect on what’s happening to markets, risk and operations, and to assess and plan technology and operations accordingly, today and in the future.

We’re delighted to be a Gold Sponsor of both Energy Trading Week and Commodity Trading Week and helping to convene these two leading industry events this Autumn.  The conferences will examine the implications of the latest developments facing the industry, including algo trading operations, digitalization, and automated trading and many more.

Our CEO Ian Murrin will be moderating two panels during the conferences.  On 6 October, a panel will focus on ETRMS in the post-covid 19 world, which will examine both the gaps and best practice in ETRM, and on 8 October, Ian will moderate a discussion on tech and ops in algo trading, which will look into algo’s fields of application and potential, including how it differs from automated trading and the considerations businesses should make in implementing algo trading.  In addition, on 14 October, Ian will participate in a panel on the challenges of data management in digitalization, a topic that lies at the heart of transforming energy and utilities trading business models.

Much of the discussion of these topics centers around establishing robust, well-structured IT infrastructure and ensuring clean data.  We have been supporting energy and commodities trading companies to meet these challenges for over 20 years, including helping them establish high quality data streams, from multiple data sources, to drive insights from analytics and algorithmics.

This work has encompassed a very wide variety of projects and delivered outcomes ranging from enhancing the ability to correlate and model ever-larger and more diverse near-real-time data sets, improving operational processes, and simplifying and standardizing business architecture, to increasing accuracy of market risk systems and reducing the operational costs and complexities of market data analytics.  We’re looking forward to sharing our insights over a bumper two weeks of conferences.

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