How would you describe what you do at Digiterre?

I provide consultancy services on several different projects and I work with a broad tech stack, depending on the project.  I focus on front-end in React & Angular and I also specialize in back-end Java.

Great. Could you describe a typical day at Digiterre for you?

At the start of the day, my team and I have a stand-up where we update each other on accomplishments the previous day and requirements for the current day. The client’s team also joins the stand-up, depending on their schedule.

At the end of each day, we have another meeting to check for any gaps or see if anyone needs help. From there, we can plan more meetings or one-on-one sessions accordingly.

What are you working on at the moment that inspires or excites you?

I am working on a project that entails the introduction of an ESG platform for an important client. I find this exciting because this platform that will be used by a large number of customers. It aids them in making more environmentally conscious decisions about their investment.

What has been the highlight for you so far about working here?

Before working with Digiterre, I had only been involved in internal projects which had less excitement and expectations. Coming from that to now being involved in projects for top industry clients has been a major highlight.

How would you describe the culture at Digiterre?

At Digiterre, the culture is a mix of a good work ethic and fun.  I see it as a family where everyone is free to talk to anyone about anything, ranging from work related things to what you want to do in your spare time.

I like having multiple catch-up calls where we get to know each other and discuss things that don’t necessarily involve work. I also admire the fact that we have an excellent collective skillset. If you’re not familiar with a certain technology, there’s always someone experienced in it who can help.

What do you think Digiterre values and looks for in candidates?

Beyond technical skills, Digiterre looks for a people person and someone with presentation skills which is key for showing deliverables on client projects.

Has anything surprised you about Digiterre?

The biggest surprise for me at Digiterre is that practically everyone is a programming Polyglot. From previous work experience, there is usually the Java guy or the Java Script guy. At Digiterre, everyone knows a bit of everything because as consultants, we don’t label ourselves with “I am this language developer”. It’s more of a team of people with various skills and we are expected to work on all parts of the project.

What do you believe clients gain from working with us?

Asides from the delivery of high-quality services Digiterre provides, our clients gain a specific skill set that they are looking for so they don’t have to train their team and that is an added benefit for them.  There is also some knowledge shared in that our clients’ developers get to understand more from the skills set offered by our people.

Great, what teams or types of people do you interact with regularly?

I work with different teams ranging from developers, project managers, product owners, to the executive board.  It depends on the client but I would say people of all levels, there is no limit to who we might talk to. When we need something, we ask the right person in the company about it.

How would you say you have grown as a professional in your time with Digiterre?

My presentation skills have significantly improved over time considering the amount of communication between the developer and the client. My role goes beyond just being a developer but a consultant which is, developer plus a good communicator. This is the main skill I have learned.

That’s lovely, thank you very much for your time. We will let you get on with work now

R:        Thank you.

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