Georgi, thank you for agreeing to have a chat today. How would you describe what you do at Digiterre?

I consult with clients on how to solve their technical issues and I develop software solutions for our clients. This is not necessarily limited to developing code but also involves different aspects in the process, ranging from good practices, planning and to building the right infrastructure

What is a typical day for you at Digiterre?

Depending on my schedule, my typical day starts with a scrum meeting with the team to discuss development updates and critical issues.

I also join a few other planning meetings, depending on what stage in the development cycle we are at. Then, I take some time out for developing software, work on the features, and assist the team. It’s a mix of consulting, collaborating and coding.

Is there anything that you’re working on at the moment that inspires or excites you?

Yes, of course. We are currently building a trading platform from scratch for a client. This is a huge project which involves a large number of people, different technologies and interesting problems to solve. The team is made up of amazing and highly experienced personnel and I find it quite exciting to be part of this project.

Has there been a highlight for you, working with Digiterre so far?

Getting to work on new problems and solving them makes every day interesting for me. It makes the day go by really fast.

It never feels like a Monday because it’s always new, it’s always different. I also love being able to sit and think before I start developing or coding, this is a highlight for me.

How would you describe the culture at Digiterre?

I find the Digiterre culture quite social and friendly and at the same time, professional. I always learn something new when I’m with my colleagues which may not necessarily be related to work. They keep me updated and there are always new things to learn.

It’s also good to have someone to rely on and the people  I work with are like family in many cases. So it’s nice to be able to relate professionally and personally.

What do you think Digiterre values or looks for in candidates to work with us?

I do a lot of interviews, and the key things I look for in candidates are their knowledge, expertise and personality. What kind of person are they, can they work in the team?  Are they going to feel okay with us?  And respectively, are we going to be okay with them in the team?  Everyone has a role in a team so not everyone may solve the problem but they shine by being very communicative and showing confidence in what they do which makes me feel like I can rely on them.

Has anything surprised you about Digiterre?

In the beginning, I was not expecting people to be this nice and welcoming. I work with different people and characters so it’s always a pleasure when we all meet and discuss things at social events, even the virtual ones. The communication level is great and that surprised me. This is important to me.

What do you believe our clients gain from working with us?

I believe that we don’t just bring brains and muscle power in terms of developing excellent software solutions but we also bring new ideas, professionalism and excellent culture.  We have shown our clients that they can have top-notch software, an excellent level of professionalism and have the software developers when the right ideas, tools and environment are provided.  This is a huge thing right now, especially when software engineers are highly valued and in demand. It’s really hard to find good ones and to keep them in your company.

What teams or types of people do you interact with regularly?

I am involved with the infrastructure teams, support teams, and product managers. I also interact with people at various management levels, stakeholders and software users, which are usually people from the same sales or trading teams.

Thank you very much, Georgi, that’s the end of the questions.

Thank you

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