Authentic feedback from our people and insights for continuous improvement

When I joined Digiterre four years ago, the organization already had a reputation for excellence as a technical consultancy with an 18-year track record for delivering solutions to complex data engineering challenges and developing bespoke front- and middle-office applications.

I was appointed Director for the People function and I was keen to understand what made this company successful and how to articulate the sense of company culture in a way that could be measured. I knew this was important so that we leverage further growth, course correct and set ourselves up for continued success. It was clear that as we entered a significant period of growth, we would need to evolve our existing systems to achieve a data-driven approach to people management.

From talking to people in those early days, I could see that the company culture was very good, but I wanted to move beyond perception, to a state where those perceptions were supported by data.

Using pulse surveys to drive insights

A few months into my role with Digiterre, I attended a meet-up all about culture and one of the speakers described the success he had in his start-up with a free tool called Officevibe.  The employee experience platform offered features like pulse surveys that leaders could send at a frequency that suits the organization. All survey answers were anonymous unless the participants chose to identify themselves. It sounded like the exact tool I was looking for, and with a little persuasion, I convinced our CEO that Officevibe was worth trialing.

Fast-forward 4 years and counting with Officevibe, where I’m proud to say that the data collected, has enabled:

  • A thorough understanding of what we are doing well and what needs improving through the ten pillars of measuring company culture. Our aggregate result has been 8+ out of 10 for the past couple of years.
  • A safe, anonymous place for staff to raise their concerns, as well as their appreciation.
  • Greater and more frequent feedback to the leadership team which has genuinely driven action and guided some key people management planning.
  • Insight-driven development of our EVP (Employee Value Proposition) strategy.

Bridging the insights gap for remote staff and teams on client site

In a professional services firm like ours, there is a risk that company culture may be diluted through lack of day-to-day contact with staff, particularly when the consultants are on-site with client companies on lengthy engagements. In addition, since Covid, we are a remote-first organization. For us, it was important to use the data to understand our culture, encourage staff to tell us what they really think through anonymous surveys and to use the results for continuous improvement, constant communication and living our values.

Using Officevibe has helped us better understand our company culture and provided us with the data insights for what we need to focus on to remain authentic to colleagues and clients alike.

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