Digiterre is well-known for building software that solves our clients’ toughest challenges rapidly and completely. We combine deep domain knowledge of the trading lifecycle with software engineering know-how and our highly effective ways of working to bring about real transformational change.

Our reputation has been built working in complex environments – particularly on projects where the requirements are loosely defined, and the platform architecture is to be designed and proven. These are the scenarios where our clients really value having us by their side.

However, as projects and program evolve through their lifecycle, clients require a broader range of skills, experience, scale, and price-points, that offer more flexibility. They often look towards blended, multi-disciplinary teams to help them scale out their products and platforms and build up their own capabilities.

To solve this problem and provide both the continuity and broader range of capabilities that our clients require, we have expanded our Romanian nearshore offering by building our own Digiterre team.  This gives our clients the opportunity to retain our services beyond the initial rapid transformation phase of their project, maintaining project quality and continuity whilst significantly reducing costs and minimizing risk.

How does it work?

Drawing on our teams in the UK and nearshore Europe we are able to provide our clients with the optimal combination of skills, experience, and cost matched to project phase:

In the foundational phases when rapid transformation takes place, projects require deep domain experience. Typically, expertise in architecture and design skills is necessary, along with established and proven ways of working with varied seniority. This mix of criteria may lend itself to a London-based team of consultants.

For scaled delivery (once the rapid transformation phase is complete and the project scales out) this is also the case, however there is also the opportunity to utilize nearshore resources to augment some (non-domain specific) aspects of delivery.

As a project evolves, feature development requires higher levels of architecture/design expertise but there is less emphasis on domain experience. Therefore, we recommend deploying nearshore team members alongside London-based consultants for project delivery.

Consistently rigorous recruitment standards 

All our consultants go through the same rigorous selection process, wherever they happen to be based. Our selection process focuses on excellent problem-solving skills, strong technical skills, and a consultative and highly communicative demeanor. 

Our UK-based consultants typically have strong domain expertise in the trading lifecycle, whether that is in energy and commodities trading or financial markets. 

Adhering to core principles and consistent recruitment standards means we can guarantee the quality of our people across geographies and projects. 

Digiterre project management methods 

Digiterre projects are managed using a combination of highly experienced Technical Delivery Managers who work in conjunction with our Engagement Management function, to ensure total alignment between the staff on the project and all key client stakeholders. This ensures the project stays on track, that communication with our clients is seamless, and that team members are supported on an individual basis. 

We place emphasis on supporting team members to work to their highest potential through creating a culture of openness and respect, and by dealing with any issues before they result in costly team churn. 

We optimize our delivery model across locations to balance the needs of the team, project, and client, for example deploying a nearshore Delivery Manager alongside a nearshore team, with a London-based engagement manager for a London client. This proven and successful means of project delivery is applied to both onshore and nearshore teams. 

We provide access to a rich network of talent and our technical specialists are amongst the best in their fields. We pay close attention to maintaining the level of quality that is synonymous with Digiterre’s name and reputation, as we have throughout our 23-year history. 

If you would like to know more please contact us by emailing [email protected] 

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