In 2023, conversations around AI were dominated by speculation and predictions. But behind the headlines, energy and commodities trading organizations quietly explored practical ways to apply AI’s potential. Fast forward to 2024.

AI Theory to Reality – Energy Tech Leaders’

This is the first in a series of events for 2024 that focuses on the real story of AI adoption – the pros and cons, pressures, pitfalls and considerations. In this episode, we spoke with business leaders from two of the largest energy trading companies in the world, as they work to make sense of this brand-new technology.

Our thanks go to Cuan Brown, EVP of Trading IT – SEFE Marketing and Trading Ltd and Mark Leonard, Head of IT – Drax Group for participating.

This 45-minute panel discussion moderated by Digiterre’s CTO, Rajesh Jethwa provides a chance to hear about the approaches and current thinking, successes and failures since the large language models and gen AI became part of the lexicon.

  • How far along the hype curve are we?
  • What’s your policy on AI usage and how are you preparing?
  • How much pressure is there to implement?
  • Security and data privacy concerns are real – how are you handling these?
  • What data provisions are being made for AI models?

Watch the full recording below:

AI Theory to Reality – Energy Tech Leaders

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