The project addressed a number of challenges:

  • To provide rapid development and delivery of a new, automated, QA test infrastructure.
  • To give predictability to the firm’s internal product and commercial teams, of the timing of software releases developed and delivered by Client Facing Technology.
  • To enable shorter times to market for the firm’s business platforms and service innovation
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The Solution

  • Cloud technologies using AWS Lambda ‘serverless architecture’.
  • A bespoke test infrastructure that operates on the firm’s main technical platform for running several separate trading systems.
  • A cutting edge, lean, iterative development methodology, requiring joint, highly collaborative team working over the project duration.
  • The ability to run detailed testing of many different operating scenarios, such as significantly increasing the load of user access, simulating multiple traders.
  • Establishing a core QA framework foundation that all projects of the firm can now leverage, including best-in-class QA testing and quality methods.

Key Benefits

Shorter, faster feedback loops between QA and developers which mean:

  • Issues in quality are detected earlier, meaning quality is delivered earlier in the development cycle.
  • Continuous regression testing through automation, building up a repository of positive and negative scenarios for quality assurance.
  • The firm’s developers have maximum focus and concentration on a particular task and thus platform and application development output quality is consistently high.

Establishment of a solid performance testing infrastructure, supported by Digiterre’s experience in performance testing to quickly identify issues, flexibility in adapting existing technologies to the business’s needs, and innovation in identifying the crux of issues and reaching solutions.

Shorter time between the firm’s innovation ideas and market entry. Improved efficiencies in the brokerage platform for more transparent, seamless, and integrated workflows.

An expanded list of instruments tradeable on the platform

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In the words of our client

We required a very strong partner to help us speed up our delivery and time-to-market for our new product and technology initiatives, in a highly competitive industry. Digiterre were very adaptive to our needs and requirements which sets them apart from other consultancies. They really do listen, with a real passion to solve these problems. Digiterre have been particularly strong for us in front-end development, cloud-based IaaS concepts and test automation. They brought the deep technical expertise and excellent cultural fit we required with the right people and the right skill-sets. They were exceptionally flexible and accommodating.

Managing Director and Global Head. Client Facing Technology

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