Project Goals

Digiterre was engaged to review the existing DaaS strategy, suggest improvements and design a solution for implementing strategy updates.

Project goals included supporting Securities Services to:

  • Leverage and monetize data by enabling customer-facing apps and reports to be developed faster and to a higher quality
  • Build a storefront for data, and a common data language, enabling developers and analysts to discover and join together datasets from across the organization
  • Ensure data governance across ownership, permitted uses, data quality metrics, lineage and data residency for Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

The Solution

  • Digiterre worked with the bank’s Securities Service division to develop a new Data Mesh architecture, which brought together 240 of the bank’s Enterprise Systems, to create a state-of-the-art DaaS for its clients. The new architecture provided an integrated view of client data, including new data products that can be monetized given the insight and value they provide to clients. The new architecture also ensured a federated model of data ownership, adherence to data governance and operational rules, and common technology services to present information in a consistent way.
  • Digiterre completed and approved the target design for DaaS, assessing the existing capabilities for implementation, and prioritizing the roadmap for implementation. This included the design of the storefront for data, which enabled developers and analysts to access datasets from across the organization, and the creation of a catalogue, lineage tooling and design tooling to automate data governance rules, and accelerate the implementation of data products.
  • Aggregated and real-time net asset value (NAVs) are a key example of a high value data product we worked with during the project. The bank has multiple accounting systems that produce NAVs, existing in different formats and data structures. One of the key objectives was to bring these into a Data Mesh where they could be consolidated into a standard formatted NAV that was presented to clients. This meant clients could receive data from their NAV, regardless of the underlying technology used to pull the data.

Our Role

Bringing together financial services domain expertise with
industry-leading capabilities in agile software development
and data engineering, Digiterre delivered high-quality
support for the development of the new data platform.

The Digiterre team of highly skilled domain experts was
deployed to the bank, interfacing with and gathering
requirements from a range of stakeholders – spanning
executive sponsors, business owners, development teams,
architecture teams and data security and governance
experts. This informed work carried out on the new data
platform design, architecture, strategy and
implementation roadmap.

Initial tasks included evaluation of legacy strategy. The
team then collaborated to set new priorities as well as
identifying and flagging up organizational blockers. The
resulting plan removed obstacles and accelerated
progress. Digiterre led workshops to coordinate activity
across multiple stakeholder groups, and produced a
communications plan, along with a ‘live’ document, which
was shared every week with the team, to inform and drive

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