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We are a software and data engineering consultancy that enables technological and organisational transformation for many of the world’s leading organisations. We envisage, design and deliver software and data engineering solutions that users want, need and love to use.

We deliver ‘Agility at Greater Velocity’, because we care about creating outstanding outcomes and taking ownership for solving the toughest technical challenges. As a result, we typically deliver high-risk, high-profile and time-constrained projects in less time than competitors, often significantly so.


We design and deliver smart, scaleable architectures that address the needs of our clients’ organisations using the following  core services:

  • Digital transformation
  • Enterprise agility
  • Architecture simplification
  • Cloud adoption
  • Software development
  • User experience and design
  • User interface and server-side builds
  • Quality assurance and continuance of delivery

What is DataMax?

A big data and real-time platform – built to handle change.

DataMax is an enterprise-ready platform that takes the most complex elements of real-time data management and makes them simple to develop, deploy and operate at scale – providing the ability to deliver business change at greater velocity.

DataMax consists of five modules:

Ingestion On-demand

Real-time Validation

Data Enrichment

Intuitive Visualisation

Flexible Reporting


We build and support high demand, data-rich products and platforms for organisations that operate in highly regulated environments, across multiple sectors:

Investment Management

Manage your data, assess risk and test compliance using a single tool to ensure your global business strategy is aligned

Energy & Commodities Trading

Deliver market research and trading platforms for risk reduction and to guarantee efficient trading practices, greater consistency and ease of operations

Banking & Insurance

Design cutting edge technology to minimise your operational risk and cost by automating trading activities

Public Sector

Create platform solutions, dashboards and tools to improve organisational performance, better manage costs and improve decision making.

Why Digiterre?

Digiterre builds and delivers real time, big data platforms for clients to increase their revenues and business value. We do this using ground-up agile transformation and cutting edge data engineering. Our work:

  • helps our clients and their clients, make more money
  • minimises trading and transactional risk
  • enables more efficient and effective trading

Our work has been recognised with multiple industry awards: