Investment Management

We have over two decades of experience solving complex and often high-risk, high-profile data and software-related problems for the traditional and alternative investment management sector.

Digiterre’s deep asset management industry experience, Agile methodology, and willingness to share knowledge and upskill client teams create best-in-class solutions for the sector. In such challenging, highly regulated, and often volatile environments, Digiterre’s solutions help clients look to the future with huge confidence.

Banking and Insurance

We engineer bespoke data and software solutions across trading, risk, compliance, and distribution in the banking and insurance sector, which are designed to meet specific business needs.

Our expertise spans building FX blotter and batch pricing platforms for banks, front-to-back portfolio, cash and risk management platforms for the insurance link sector, and automated portfolio rebalancing tools for large currency overlay managers.

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How we can help

Data and analytics platforms

Data platforms to provide insights, enabling data-driven decisions to transform operations.

Automated portfolio rebalancing

Reduce manual processes requiring data input of current position values, client exposure weightings and positioning movements.

eFX platform development

Improve overview of real-time trading and transactions and process higher FX trading volumes, whilst reducing operational risk.

Cloud-based trading tools

Improve time to market for business platforms and service innovation and increase predictability of software release timing.

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