The project addressed a number of challenges:

  • Enhance Uniper’s ability to correlate and model ever-larger and more diverse near-realtime data sets.
  • Derive greater value from this vast quantity of data, in less time.
  • Reduce the operational costs and complexities associated with market data analytics.
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Key Attributes of Our Solution

  • Greater flexibility in the modelling of very diverse data sets using a wider range of time series methodologies, such as event-based, multivariate and matrix time series.
  • Granular control of data usage, encompassing authentication, authorisation and auditing.
  • The native Cloud-based architecture reduced operational costs while providing scalability and performance.
  • Much greater flexibility and ease of customisation which in turn, facilitates high levels of user adoption.
  • User-configurable reporting options, which allow for the scaling-up or down of reporting outputs according to business needs for example, on a daily basis or even near-time.
  • The ability for users to leverage powerful analysis tools, such as Tableau, Azure ML, Databricks and via developing a bespoke Excel Add-In.
  • API’s to support the future extensibility of MDAP

Key Benefits

  • Over 150 active users
  • 700 + reports
  • 15+ billion data points
  • 15+ TB of data and growing rapidly
  • 270, 000 time-series objects
  • More than 250, 000 data sources
  • 30% reduction in operational costs
  • 10x performance improvements
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In the words of our client

Digiterre spoke very capably with our business stakeholders, speaking their language, being very helpful and efficient, enabling us to commit minimal business resources on outside. I would have no hesitation in working with Digiterre again.

Volodymyr Sorokoumov

Big Data Architect & Analytics Solution Delivery Manager

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