Category: News and Events Date: 19/09/23

Collabera Digital Acquires Digiterre

Collabera Digital acquires Digiterre to provide ‘red thread’ of quality, from technology problem-solving to scaled delivery and beyond. Read the announcement press release and see videos from CEO Ian Murrin and CTO Raj Jethwa.

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Category: People Blog Date: 25/08/23

Spotlight Series: Mark Pickering

Meet the Digiterre team. Experts in their field, we quiz them about their opinions, experiences and day to day working practices. Find out what Energy and Commodities Director, Mark Pickering considers to be the biggest challenges for the trading companies in the sector and the changes he’s seen during his 30 year career.

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Category: Tech Insights Date: 08/08/23

Generative AI – hype or game-changer?

Since ChatGPT3 was launched to the public on 30 November 2022 it has been capturing the attention and imagination of a generation. But what value does it offer businesses? We look beyond the hype and with the help of Digiterre’s CTO Raj Jethwa, answer some of the burning questions about Gen AI.

By: Rajesh Jethwa

Category: News and Events Date: 21/06/23

Digiterre named Leading Strategic/ Technology Advisory Group 2023

Digiterre named Leading Strategic/ Technology Advisory Group 2023 London, 2023 – software and data engineering consultancy Digiterre, has been recognised as the Leading Strategic / Technology Advisory Group 2023 at this year’s Commodity Trading Week in London. The first annual Commodity Trading Awards recognises companies from the commodity space that have displayed exceptional innovation, hard work ...

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Category: Tech Insights Date: 06/06/23

Microservices in Serverless Functions – an Experience Report

What are the inherent benefits and complexities associated with building large-scale software solutions using serverless runtime on AWS Lambdas? This experience report presents an innovative approach to balance the scalability and simplicity of serverless runtime, using microservices.

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Category: Industry Insights/ Tech Insights Date: 16/03/23

Trading Tech Themes for 2023

What developments can we expect in the financial markets sector and how do they affect trading technology? What is driving the urgency around automation and digitalisation and how are firms managing this? We take a look at some of the main themes discussed impacting the financial markets sector in 2023.

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Category: News and Events/ People Blog Date: 08/03/23

International Women’s Day 2023

International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for gender equality and women’s rights. This year, we asked colleagues at Digiterre to celebrate IWD by sharing details of the women that have inspired them during their lives.

By: Lape Runsewe

Category: People Blog Date: 03/03/23

James Fraser – my decade with Digiterre

Meet James Fraser, Digiterre’s Director and Chief of Staff. James recently celebrated 10 years with the company. In this People Blog, we ask James to look back on his time with Digiterre, share some of the highlights of the past decade and reflect on his reasons for remaining loyal.

By: James Fraser

Category: News and Events Date: 25/01/23

Digiterre expands flexible and cost-effective Romanian nearshore offering

Digiterre has expanded its nearshore offering. With our team in Romania, we can now provide clients with a broader range of experience, more flexibility in how we shape and blend our teams for success, and as a result, a more cost-effective offering, whilst maintaining the quality of delivery and outcomes.

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Category: News and Events Date: 11/01/23

Digiterre partners with Commodities People for 5th consecutive year

Digiterre has announced that it is once again partnering with Commodities People in 2023. The partnership includes involvement in both London and Houston events and represents an expansion into new territories, following the success of event activities in 2022.

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Category: People Blog Date: 10/01/23

Why I came back to Digiterre

“She’s coming home, she’s coming home, she’s coming, Katie’s coming home…….” This is the story of Katie Lam's time with Digiterre, and why she decided to return.

By: Katie Lam