Trading in a volatile world

Volatility is integral to energy and commodity trading, more so since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the rise of renewables. Managing volatility and risk whilst providing traders with high-quality, real-time data is crucial to success.

If you are looking to improve your ability to trade competitively we can help. Whether that means building a trading platform from scratch, modernising existing systems, integrating ETRM/CTRMs or building microservices to aid data agility, Digiterre has the experience and domain expertise to understand the problem to solve first and how to deliver results fast.

Find out more about Digiterre’s Energy and Commodity Trading practice by watching this short film in which our Energy and Commodities Director, Mark Pickering talks to CTO Raj Jethwa about current sector challenges and what the future might hold.

Award-winning work

In 2023, Digiterre was recognised as the Leading Strategic / Technology Advisory Group 2023 at Commodity Trading Week in London. The first annual Commodity Trading Awards recognised companies from the commodity space that have displayed exceptional innovation, hard work and dedication over the past year.

Ian Murrin, CEO and Founder of Digiterre commented: “Digiterre’s extensive knowledge of the trading lifecycle, highly productive ways of working and software engineering proficiency allow us to successfully work through our clients’ most complex, high risk and time-constrained challenges and this has been the value that we have bought to leading energy and commodities companies for more than twenty-three years. This award is a tremendous endorsement of our team’s skills, dedication, and commitment. I am very proud of our people and their outstanding work, which has contributed to Digiterre being recognised as the Leading Strategic / Technology Advisory Group of 2023.”

See Ian’s recent interview with Ben Hillary, Managing Director of Commodities People, in which he talks about the award, the history of Digiterre’s involvement in the trading sector, and future challenges.

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How we can help

Data and analytics platforms

We specialise in building data platforms that help energy companies gain insights from data and make data-driven decisions to transform their operations.

Asset optimisation

Asset optimisation is an area of excellence of for Digiterre. We have helped organisations such as EnBW and Uniper to improve the performance and value of their assets, whilst managing associated risks.

Trading, pricing and risk tooling

The tools and methods used by enterprises depend on their very specific needs and risk appetite. Digiterre’s deep domain expertise ensures we understand these needs and respond with appropriate solutions.


VPPs are increasingly popular as the cost of renewables decreases and distributed energy resources increases. We help energy companies create and manage VPPs through a range of services; from design and engineering to integration.

Transformation in the cloud

Increased scalability, flexibility and cost savings are the benefits of cloud transformation. We are experts in this area, having built many solutions using cloud technology for high profile clients.


Automation of business processes using RPA and machine learning helps streamline operations, reduce costs and make better use of data. We also help integrate systems such as ERPs, CRMs and market data feeds.


Digiterre provides cost effective modernisation for companies with an ETRM/CTRM legacy. We pare back functionality, replacing this with bespoke software tailored to the business needs using modern technology sets.

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