Digiterre, a software and data engineering consultancy, today announced updates to its data management platform for the insurance-linked securities (ILS) industry. The platform supports the management of life and non-life portfolios for specialist instruments, such as private placements, Cat Bonds, IRS, CDS and FX Spot, across the whole trade life cycle, and now features feeds from Bloomberg for asset pricing, coupons and FX rates; cash forecasting; and portfolio valuations and forecasting on a daily basis. Ian Murrin, CEO and Founder, Digiterre, said: “The enhancements to our modular insurance-linked securities (ILS) platform come at a time of potential high growth for the global ILS market, while supporting the needs of managers for increased responsiveness and agility during rapidly changing market conditions – agility that only a robust, scalable, integrated system can offer. The UK’s role in the sector continues to expand, with increased capital markets support of reinsurance business, a number of recent collateralised reinsurance transactions and a supportive regulatory and legislative regime. This trend will be strengthened with the growing awareness of climate related risks, including floods, windstorms and rising sea levels, not to mention pandemics and the need for improved risk transfer. The winners in this sector will be the organisations who effectively navigate the risk transfer, cash management and investor reporting challenges while remaining nimble and operationally lean.”

Luca Albertini, CEO, Leadenhall Capital Partners, said:

“The implementation of Digiterre’s platform for trading, risk and operations within Leadenhall Capital
PRESS RELEASE Partners has significantly enhanced our ability to impose true rigour and discipline throughout all stages of our investment lifecycle. The platform has also enabled us to reduce operational complexity, increase productivity, continue to operate safely and effectively despite the challenges posed by the recent lockdown and ultimately make rational, data-led business decisions with greater confidence and clarity.”

Digiterre’s modular, end-to-end suite of data management platforms supports the whole trade life cycle for ILS, from data input and validation to data analysis, optimisation and reporting, and encompasses portfolio management, including both NAVs and loss calculations, cash management and forecasting It also provides support for portfolio operations, including integration with AnalyzeRe, bank reconciliations, the scheduled ingestion of fund administrator data to automate the production of investor reporting, as well as feeds from Bloomberg for asset pricing, coupons and FX rates.

1 Artemis Insurance-Linked Securities Deal Directory https://www.artemis.bm/dealdirectory/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIls7_tMrM6gIVCbrtCh356AbGEAAYASAAEgJ3xvD_ BwE

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