A big data and real-time platform. Built to handle change.

DataMax is an enterprise-ready platform that takes the most complex elements of real-time data management and makes them simple to develop, deploy and operate at scale. This provides the ability to deliver business change at greater velocity. The DataMax platform comprises of the following core components:

Ingestion On-Demand

Real-time Validation

Data Enrichment

Intuitive Visualisation

Flexible Reporting

These components when combined with our nearly two decades of data and software engineering experience, enable our clients to accelerate the development of their data backbone.


DataMax enables our clients to:

  • Reduce operational cost
  • Increase business resilience and competitiveness
  • Accelerate software development – so more focus on getting the requirements right and delivering what the business needs
  • Reduce delivery risk
  • Harness the competitive IP of their business


DataMax will get you to a Single View of your Data faster through the modules it provides, dealing with some of industry’s greatest challenges, including:

  • Organisational data silos
  • The disparate number of storage technologies
  • The challenge of data transport due to volume and time constraints
  • Data quality and validation
  • The need for data enrichment to allow information to be fit for purpose
  • The requirement for robust authentication and authorization processes

Technological Advance

DataMax is a unique architecture, process and combination of specific technologies that rapidly move an organisation from disparate data and reporting sources into a single view of data which provides organisations with the insight they need to run their business more effectively. The system combines technologies in a unique way that delivers enterprise strength data management. The approach was proven to scale and is Cloud deployable. It operates across all our key sectors of:

Applications of DataMax


Market Data

Time-series and non-time-series data orchestration and analysis.

Operational Data

Data ingestion, validation, enrichment, analysis and reporting platform.

Networks & Relationships

Global transactional look through, rebates management and pre and post trade analytics.

Market Data

Covers time series and non-time series data to produce analytics platforms which provide a step change in the quality of data, analysis and reporting available to Market Analytics teams and then provided to Traders.


Strategic and Real-Time Data Analytics and Regulatory Reporting capability designed to strengthen competitive advantage through the creation of extremely high quality data streams, from which real-time analytics can be performed, to further enhance the trading and operational effectiveness of an organisation.


Automatically defines, refines and builds the relationships between disparate data sources to create a relationship “map”. Ideal for identifying Transfer Agency and Sub-nominee information which will drive real business decisions to reduce both inefficiencies and increase profitability.

Portfolio Management

Reduces organisational complexity through having a single source of truth in terms of data. This covers all trading positions and cash flow.