Hi Marius, can you tell us about your role at Digiterre and how you work with the team. 

I am a Principal Software Consultant helping energy trading companies to build better software solutions. The Digiterre team is usually involved in a project from a discovery to delivery phases. 
I love to be part of the whole process from start to finish. I find extremely fulfilling to get creating something from an idea to the working solution where users are happily satisfied. 

What is it about your role and/or Digiterre that persuaded you to join? 

In fact, I’ve had the pleasure of joining twice. That is a clear indication that something good is happening here. For me, there are three main reasons I decided to rejoin.  

Firstly, the people – I find the Digiterre people to be very professional and knowledgeable and at the same time super supportive. 

Secondly, I find the projects we undertake to be very exciting, particularly the energy trading projects I am currently involved in.  

Last but not the least, is the flexibility. My role is fully remote with occasional catchups onsite. This gives me an opportunity to work from different locations, which I really enjoy at this stage of my life. For ex, last winter I spent working night shifts to Europe from Australia. 
That’s good, what does the typical day look like for you? 

That is always a hard question to answer. I generally start my day early to have a few hours of quiet working time before my colleagues clock in. After that, I have a few meetings, discussions, plannings, and some problem-solving sessions. I wrap up my day with some quiet time to get prepared for the next day. 
Is there anything you’re working on now that inspires or excites you? 

Certainly, that’s precisely why I’m here. Energy trading is a topic I truly enjoy and find deeply meaningful, especially considering the current global and geopolitical challenges. I am proud to be part of the Digiterre team working on a digital transformation project for a major energy trading company in Germany. The company and the scale of the project are huge. I love seeing users and stakeholders happily satisfied with the product. 
It’s very beautiful to see how things are changing, especially when you look beyond the project scope and see the bigger picture. 

What has been your highlight of working with the detail? 
I find it amusing that I left and came rejoined Digiterre. This is something I have never done this before in my previous roles. So, for me it’s a true sign of how well the company is doing in creating a positive environment. 
How would you describe the culture at Digiterre? 

I would typically describe the culture at Digiterre in 2 words – professional and supportive. “Professional” meaning how much wealth of experience and knowledge there is in Digiterre across the various fields. In particular the technical aspects and project delivery. Supportive part highlights the readiness of colleagues to help immediately once needed. 

Has anything surprised you about working here? 

Well, there is a stereotype about how people in tech look like. We are often portrayed more as introverts, who only staring at their computers when in fact it’s quite opposite. 
At Digiterre, I have observed a well-balanced blend of technical expertise and soft skills. In a consultancy environment where client interaction is crucial, effective communication is just as important as technical knowledge. It’s the balance that I strive to achieve. 
What do you believe our clients gain from working with us? 
I would quote Jonathan Smart’s book on agility. 
Digiterre offers agility to help clients reach their digital transformation sooner, safer and happier. 
Are there are other teams that you work with at Digiterre? 
Currently my main focus is on the project team. I worked with the people team, assisting with colleague interviewing. I also was part of sales at one point, but my current role is within the project team. 
We’ve now come to the end of the interview. Thank you for your time. 
Thank you!

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