In 2023, GenAI burst into life amid speculation about its use. Despite the hype, firms quietly explored practical applications and assessed the potential benefits, risks, and challenges, especially in highly regulated environments.

AI Theory to Reality – FS Tech Leaders’

In this episode, we spoke with Simon Rohrer, Head of Enterprise Technology Architecture and Ways of Working at Saxo Bank, and Daniel Taylor, Head of Development at Trading Labs about their current thinking around AI use in a financial services setting.

This panel discussion was moderated by Digiterre’s CTO, Rajesh Jethwa, addressing key questions including:

  • How are organisations preparing data for AI models?
  • Is there a noticeable gap between AI hype and actual usage?
  • How much of the potential seen externally is being realised internally?
  • What obstacles are there to widespread adoption?
  • How are security and data privacy concerns being managed?

Watch the full recording below:

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