• In order to meet the deadline for delivery of a Confirmations Service to customer organisations, the solution had to be available in fixed short timescales. A prime criterion was, therefore, the ability to deliver in these timescales.
  • The solution required deep expertise in trading systems architecture and the ability to draw on experience providing similar solutions in a trading environment.
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The Solution

  • Trayport’s preferred development approach was agile and test-driven. The solution development approach had, therefore, to be based on the same elements. After looking at resource availability, it was decided that the only way to meet the customer go-live date was to source the solution on a fixed-bid basis from a specialist third party.
  • Digiterre submitted a detailed proposal for developing the Confirmation Service. During the proposal review, it was clear that there was significant common ground, in the preferred technology environment and development approach.
  • Based on successful project delivery over a number of years, Digiterre followed an agile process based on the Scrum method, both parties’ preferred method of working on projects of this type.
  • This had the benefit of providing Trayport with the greatest degree of control over the fulfilment of their requirements, especially given the short project duration.

Key Benefits

  • The effective and rapid engagement by Digiterre with Trayport made possible a rapid start to the development phase. This helped deliver the project on time and within budget, and ensured Trayport’s customer service commitments were honoured.
  • Using a mixed Digiterre and Trayport development and testing team enabled a seamless handover to the core Trayport development team for future enhancement of the Confirmations Service.
  • The Confirmation Service is now marketed as Trayport Complete℠ Confirm, designed to improve efficiencies, optimise workflows, reduce the operational risk and the processing costs associated with energy trading.
  • Complete Confirm is designed to be seamlessly integrated with Trayport®’s Trading Gateway℠ product; the solution provides real-time, 3-way confirmations (between the inter-dealer broker and the 2 trader counter-parties) of a trade.
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In the words of our client

Of all the potential partners we talked to, Digiterre stood out as really sharing our vision and ownership for the project, their collaborative engagement approach was a key factor in delivering the project on time.

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