Digiterre, as the original Debtwire platform builders and specialists in building custom systems for better and faster real-time data and information management in complex, big data environments, applaud Debtwire on some of their many achievements:

  • Transforming the market by providing a trusted voice for the financial restructuring community
  • Leading growth and innovation in the provision of data, news and analysis on global leveraged credit
  • Disrupting the market with new data platforms and analytics and continually expanding into new income classes.
  • Recently launching the Primary Issuance service to generate significant new revenue streams and boost Debtwire’s presence in the fixed income market
  • Debtwire now covers over 14,000 companies, publishing 76,000 content pieces per year from 4 powerful databases servicing 68,000 users (Source: Debtwire)

Regarding the new Debtwire Primary Issuance service, Ross Heritage, CTO of Acuris says:

Digiterre have been instrumental in delivering our new Debtwire Primary Issuance platform, which is highly supportable, testable, extendable and stable.  They delivered well ahead of expectations and to an extremely high quality standard, building a new platform that’s highly flexible and supportive of our tens of thousands of global subscribers’ needs going forward’.

Ian Murrin, CEO of Digiterre CEO, says:

It was a huge privilege for Digiterre to design and build the original Debtwire product and be involved over the years as technical partners with Debtwire and Acuris. It’s been a remarkable performance by Debtwire! We’re just delighted that the platform has been so robust and has given Debtwire the technical quality and flexibility to relentlessly innovate and flourish in their chosen markets with new services such as Primary Issuance. Here’s to an even more prosperous and productive future for Debtwire from the Digiterre team’.

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