Aside of satisfying regulatory requirements – and watch out for MiFID III! – such initiatives provide a great opportunity to re-engineer your tech infrastructure and to create much more bang for your regulatory buck.

Ground-breaking regulatory technology creates strategic advantage for Man Group
At Man Group, the world’s largest publicly traded hedge fund company, Digiterre, a leading software consultancy, worked with an in-house team to build a groundbreaking, scalable data and reporting solution, known as ‘MOLE’ (Man Order Listening Engine) that met not only the regulatory requirements of MiFID II but:

Provided a centralised software solution for trade data collection, viewing, analysis across the whole company

Created a new flexible platform that could meet the company’s future strategic growth objectives, enabling future new businesses acquired to plug into the trading platform and use the new regulatory reporting functionality.

This Custom-built technology, tailored to business needs, has given Man Group peace of mind in the knowledge the business can safely grow as trading data volumes far larger than current levels are future proofed. Spurred on by MiFID II, new strategic opportunities and competitive advantage have been enabled for the Group in a highly competitive sector.

Use Award-winning Software Partners with proven expertise in MiFID II Technologies
To make waves rather than just ripples from MiFID II, to make genuine commercial as well as regulatory leaps forward, it’s critical to use technology partners with talent steeped in both regulatory knowledge and trade, transaction and best execution reporting. Digiterre and Man Group in partnership were recently named winner of Best MiFID II Solution at the 10th HFM European Hedge Fund Service Awards for the 2nd year running.

How Digiterre can help

Working as a technology partner for investment and financial services companies like Man Group, Digiterre assists in the design, development and implementation of financial systems to tackle the challenges and opportunities facing clients from regulatory change such as MiFID II.

Digiterre has extensive experience in highly regulated markets like investments and banking. We typically deliver technology solutions requiring business agility, adaptability, innovation and a proven track record in order to solve high risk, high profile and complex technical challenges, very well and very fast.

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