Regardless of any challenges that we have faced in the first half of the year, most organisations still expect costs to be closely managed and growth opportunities capitalised on. The acquisition and usage of market data is also a key area of potential cost-saving and efficiency improvement for almost any trading organisation.

Streamlining the processes of selecting, onboarding, ingesting, tagging, visualising and sharing and building models using an ever-widening range of market data sources helps to:

  • cut the cost of external data sources by tracking usage and avoiding duplication.
  • improve the efficiency of the Quant team(s) by enabling them to spend less time wrangling data and more time analysing it.
  • create a single view of the truth so it can be used to make good investment decisions.
  • increase competitiveness.

Digiterre’s Market Data management and analytics platform called DataMax TSAP, is getting really good traction among many of energy and commodities trading organisations. Uniper’s Market Data Analytics Platform is our most recent case study in this area and details several relevant use cases for this platform. Essentially, they wanted to actively grow out and support their “data economy” by promoting higher levels of data sharing & re-use, while freeing-up their 150+ quant team to do more modelling and analysis and less data wrangling and saving 30% on operational costs alone.

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