The trouble is, almost no one has built systems to handle these “difficult to value” instruments – until now. Digiterre have developed the world-class Chrysalis ILS platform and we are delighted to invite you to our virtual roundtable to discuss the major industry challenges and how our technology has assisted in solving these. Click here to read a case study of the system in action.

  • Date: Wednesday 22 July 2020
  • Time: 2:30pm-3:30pm
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The virtual roundtable will showcase the latest features of the Chrysalis platform and how it helps to solve the most prominent issues facing ILS managers, such as:

  • Reducing operational risk by removing reliance on spreadsheets
  • Capturing details of all private placement contracts and catastrophe bond trades
  • Dynamic fund valuations in response to changes in inputs
  • Daily cash reconciliation with the bank
  • Cash forecasting for future weeks and months
  • Daily portfolio valuations
  • Portfolio valuation forecasting
  • Empowering users to create and maintain a portfolio plan
  • Management information reporting for excellent business decision making
  • Real-time data feed integration (e.g. Bloomberg)

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