Commodities People is the leading media production company for the global commodity and energy trading community. Through their programme of online and in-person events they attract a loyal following of senior delegates from global commodity and energy trading firms.

Ian Murrin, CEO of Digiterre commented: “The Commodities People partnership is one we value very highly, given the exceptional quality of the events and the pertinent sector issues that are raised through the event agendas. Our sector specialism within energy and commodities trading means that as a technology consultancy Digiterre is very much at the coal face, using our domain expertise to solve some of the most challenging problems in the industry through data engineering and software delivery. So we welcome the opportunity to meet with this audience regularly through the partnership, to hear different perspectives and to share our own experiences of working with clients in solving common problems.

Ben Hillary, MD of Commodities People added: “We are delighted to be continuing our partnership with Digiterre into its 5th year – their expertise and perspectives they provide on all matters related to data, and the wider digitalisation landscape have always been extremely high value and practical, bringing tremendous value to our event programmes and to our global audiences. Digital prowess will remain a key differentiator in an increasingly competitive energy and commodity trading marketplace, and as a result Digiterre’s thought leadership and viewpoints on such topics will be more important than ever. We look forward to continuing to provide a platform for them to support and educate the wider trading community.”

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