Digiterre named Leading Strategic/ Technology Advisory Group 2023

London, 2023 – software and data engineering consultancy Digiterre, has been recognised as the Leading Strategic / Technology Advisory Group 2023 at this year’s Commodity Trading Week in London. The first annual Commodity Trading Awards recognises companies from the commodity space that have displayed exceptional innovation, hard work and dedication over the past year.

Digiterre is named as the Leading Strategic/ Technology Advisory Group due to its reputation, built over several decades, for helping leading organisations change and transform their businesses, delivering innovative software and data engineering solutions to address their toughest challenges.  These exceptional client outcomes are made possible because of the Digiterre ethos that small teams of domain experts are most effective, when it comes to interpreting complex problems and solving them rapidly. This approach means Digiterre clients enjoy transformational results in less time and with more project certainty.

Ian Murrin, CEO and Founder of Digiterre commented: “Digiterre’s extensive knowledge of the trading lifecycle, highly productive ways of working and software engineering proficiency allow us to successfully work through our clients’ most complex, high risk and time-constrained challenges and this has been the value that we have bought to leading energy and commodities companies for more than twenty three years. This award is a tremendous endorsement of our team’s skills, dedication, and commitment. I am very proud of our people and their outstanding work, which has contributed to Digiterre being recognised as the Leading Strategic / Technology Advisory Group of 2023.”

Digiterre’s deep understanding of the trading lifecycle, software engineering expertise and highly effective ways of working have allowed the company to partner with some of the leading energy and commodities companies, many of which are contributing to the global environmental agenda. With 23 years’ worth of experience in the business, the curated, expert teams at Digiterre advise and guide clients, both new and returning, while delivering technological solutions to the most complex problems.

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