Category: Tech Insights Date: 11/04/24

Introduction to Cloud Migration Strategies

In an era where business agility and technical resilience are more crucial than ever, organisations are increasingly embracing cloud migration as a strategic driver. This article, from Senior Consultant Roxana Necula, delves into some of the critical questions around migration and offers insights into the objectives, destinations, and strategies that shape successful cloud migration paths.

By: Digiterre

Category: Tech Insights Date: 21/08/23

Whitepaper – The quality Pipeline

In large organisations with multiple teams building and maintaining software systems it’s not unusual to have disparate approaches. So how can you have a clear view of which systems are more vulnerable to attack, have critical bugs or which may cause outages? Read the white paper by Principal Consultant, Stephen Masters.

By: Stephen Masters

Category: Tech Insights Date: 08/08/23

Generative AI – hype or game-changer?

Since ChatGPT3 was launched to the public on 30 November 2022 it has been capturing the attention and imagination of a generation. But what value does it offer businesses? We look beyond the hype and with the help of Digiterre’s CTO Raj Jethwa, answer some of the burning questions about Gen AI.

By: Rajesh Jethwa

Category: Tech Insights Date: 06/06/23

Microservices in Serverless Functions – an Experience Report

What are the inherent benefits and complexities associated with building large-scale software solutions using serverless runtime on AWS Lambdas? This experience report presents an innovative approach to balance the scalability and simplicity of serverless runtime, using microservices.

By: Digiterre

Category: Industry Insights/ Tech Insights Date: 16/03/23

Trading Tech Themes for 2023

What developments can we expect in the financial markets sector and how do they affect trading technology? What is driving the urgency around automation and digitalisation and how are firms managing this? We take a look at some of the main themes discussed impacting the financial markets sector in 2023.

By: Digiterre

Category: Industry Insights/ Tech Insights Date: 07/10/22

Key themes from Energy Trading Week 2022

Price volatility, reporting challenges, data democratisation. We take a look back at Energy Trading Week 2022 and reflect on the conversations, presentations and panel discussions to tease out our key takeaways.

By: Gill Frood

What is BVSSH?
Category: Industry Insights/ Tech Insights Date: 30/09/22

What is BVSSH?

The Better Value Sooner Safer Happier (or SSH) movement is the brainchild of Jon Smart, (author of the bestselling book Sooner, Safer, Happier) and is the culmination of knowledge acquired over 30 years of leading an agile approach to change as a business technologist. BVSSH have successfully codified for the benefit of all in the industry, ...

By: Jon Smart

How to Manage Complex Technology Projects
Category: Tech Insights Date: 08/06/22

How to Manage Complex Technology Projects

Leading complex software and data engineering projects requires the expert application of planning, management and communication, especially in the new world of remote and distributed working. Find out new approaches to successfully manage complex, high-risk and time-constrained projects.

By: Rajesh Jethwa

Building small teams of high performing people is the answer to corporate waste
Category: People Blog/ Tech Insights Date: 22/03/22

Building small teams of high performing people is the answer to corporate waste

The mistake that most buyers of technology services make, is in thinking that if a small team of expensive techies can write a small amount of code, a larger team of cheaper techies – often in far-flung locations – can write similar code, in greater quantity, and for fewer $ per line. That is a fundamentally flawed idea. ...

By: Ian Murrin

Being data-driven means survival in a volatile world
Category: Industry Insights/ Tech Insights Date: 22/03/22

Being data-driven means survival in a volatile world

The ‘power crunch’ of 2022 has put the West’s continued reliance on fossil fuels under the microscope, making the race to find and commission alternative energy sources more urgent than ever before. But that’s only half the picture: without accessible real-time data and advanced analytics it’s hard to trade competitively, given the intrinsic ...

By: Mark Pickering